EFutures helps Global Vinyl to set up SAP on AWS


Using cloud services can be overwhelming at times especially when your organization has no prior experience utilizing cloud services for any business application deployment beforehand. This article elaborates on how a managed cloud service provider like EFutures Private Limited can ease the transition of business application hosting from on premise to cloud, along with the correct technology to achieve the level of performance and availability without breaking the budget.

Global Vinyl, the company background and the challenge

Global Vinyl Private Limited, incorporated in 2001 and better known as GVL, is the pioneer of synthetic leather manufacturing in Sri Lanka. GVL opened their state-of-the-art production facilities in 2003 to produce a range of Vinyl flooring, sheeting and synthetic leather. These cover a broad range of industries such as footwear manufacturing, bag manufacturing, upholstery, domestic flooring, and vehicle upholstery. GVL is well equipped with the most modern manufacturing facilities, designed specially to deliver quality products which meets the customer requirement according to the specification.

Requirement elaboration done by EFutures

The overall requirement was to setup SAP Business One on a cloud. However, the customer was held back due to the grey areas like the security, cost and maintenance. Previously they had tried few local and international cloud providers but had discontinued due to the ambiguous implications with certain aspects of the proposed setup. EFutures did pricing calculations in accordance with AWS recommended sizing for SAP HANA and came back with a manageable cost to performance tradeoff which was appealing to the customer.

The initial tests were done on a cloud environment setup done within one day as requested and once the setup was tested successfully, for the application configuration, the same was deployed as a production stack.

Solution given by EFutures

With more than 5000 active AWS customers running SAP on AWS today, AWS pioneered running SAP HANA in-memory databases in the cloud earlier than any other cloud provider. It is recognized as an industry leader for SAP global infrastructure and innovation by ISG, AWS offers a broad choice of amazon ec2 instance types powered intel Xeon scalable processors and certified by SAP these instances use high performance storage with Amazon elastic block store to persist SAP HANA data.

Enterprises continue to deploy more and more mission critical business applications in the cloud with SAP HANA in order to make faster business decisions. The answer is Amazon high memory instances. These instances come in 5 memory size options with up to 24 terabytes of memory, are purpose built to run large in-memory databases in the cloud and are certified by SAP to run production deployments of SAP HANA. The eighteen terabytes and twenty-four tera byte instance sizes are based on second generation intel Xeon scalable cascade lake processors.


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