Finetech recognised as Google Expertise Partners for Work Transformation and Google Meet


Finetech, the Google Premier Partner for Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh has been recognized by Google as an Expertise Partner in the areas of Work Transformation and Google Meet. 

Further cementing the fact that Finetech is the go to company for all Google-related products and services, this achievement recognizes a company that has shown superior expertise with customer evidence in the specific areas.

Partner Expertise allows Google’s partner organizations to highlight their success in product/technology, workload, and/or industry specific work, and is evaluated based on unique requirements for each Expertise area. Once a partner company is approved for an Expertise, customers can search by Expertise area and connect with partners through the Google Cloud Partner Directory, which also showcases validated success stories. In addition, the Google Sales Teams will be able to search the directory to select partners with Expertise and attach those partners to customer opportunities that come their way.

“Finetech has had a longstanding success story with Google and is the trusted name for Google-based products and services in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Maldives. In this time and era where digital transformation is all the more important and tools such as Google Meet are being used by various sections of society to achieve their goals, we are proud to be certified as an Expertise Partner which adds value to the services we provide our customers”, said Clehan Pulle, CEO/ Director and Co-Founder of Finetech.

Finetech which began operations in Sri Lanka for almost a decade and has built a portfolio of customers that span many sectors like banking and finance, education, aviation, hospitality, healthcare and the government sector among others. With more than 30 Google Certified Systems Engineers and one of the largest support teams in the region today, Finetech is also known for its superior customer service in introducing, transitioning and helping organizations embrace the new digital age. 

“As a preferred Google products and services partner for this region Finetech is honoured with this achievement and will continue to strive towards greater expertise in the areas that we consult in. Our team has worked diligently to get to this point and I must also commend the continued efforts of our skilled Google technicians who are the backbone of our operations”, Pubudu Wickramarachchi, General Manager – Technology Services & Customer Support said.

As a Google Expertise Partner, Finetech can also continue to share its success stories on the Google Cloud Partner Directory and grow its expertise areas as well. Highlighting a variety of successes can generate new demand, strengthen credibility, and prioritize the company’s ranking thereby bringing superior product knowledge and service levels for our customer base.


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