Dialog & Huawei donate telepresence infrastructure and connectivity to Health Min


Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, and Huawei Technologies Lanka Co., (Pvt) Ltd, donated Telepresence and connectivity solutions to 30 hospitals covering district general hospitals, teaching hospitals and the designated COVID-19 treatment centres that operate under the aegis of Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services (MOH).

The fully-fledged Telepresence platform is set to enable the MOH with a national collaborative eHealth system to deliver centralised health care, health education, and health information services via remote collaboration technologies.

This partnership aims to provide preventative, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative care delivery including remote medical expert consultations, medical education and training, health information services, and mobile access for field personnel via telecommunications and digital communication technologies such as live video conferencing. One of the main advantages of this solution is that health care professionals can coordinate and receive expert advice from specialists at main hospitals to treat patients in distant areas without moving them.

This allows health care providers to discuss medical cases over video conference, forward tests between facilities for interpretation by higher specialists, monitor patients through continuous sharing of updated health data, conduct training for health care staff, coordinate between hospitals and facilities, carry out professional health-related education and conduct public health administration. Furthermore, another advantage of these solutions is that specialist doctors in distant national hospitals can remotely coordinate with leading specialists in teaching hospitals to exchange medical and educational information.

Huawei Technologies will be offering the Telepresence collaboration solutions and perform the necessary installation of the solutions at the hospitals designated by the MOH whilst providing maintenance and support services free of charge for a period of three years. Dialog will support the initiative by providing free connectivity linking the 30 hospitals during the said three-year period.


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